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Accelerate Law STL

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Proud to be Your Startup Attorney

There are a number of business attorneys around St. Louis who can assist you with your business’ legal needs. Those firms that are still in business know how to provide good customer service, but I want to know what that looks like to you personally. Returning calls and e-mails punctually is one thing, but Accelerate Law STL looks forward to hearing, meeting, and possibly even exceeding  your expectations.

William Willis

Hi! My name is Will, and I’m the owner and sole practitioner at Accelerate Law STL. Much like I can only assume happens for many other attorneys, I was told I should be a lawyer in high school when my parents remarked how much I loved to argue.

Joke’s on them, I don’t even like going to court. (That picture of me in a suit? It’s from the day of my wedding.)

I started working with startups as a student attorney at SLU Law’s Business Law and Innovation Clinic. While there, I worked with entrepreneurs and saw their passion and drive manifest into trademarks, copyrights, and new business entities. It was seeing that excitement in their eyes as they began to produce something new that made me realize I wanted to continue practicing in this area after graduation.

I graduated from law school, passed the bar exam, and entered the workforce in 2020–specifically, when small businesses were shutting down due to COVID. Instead of starting then, I opted to develop my skills in the Contracts and Special Projects Unit of the City of St. Louis’ City Counselor’s Office. In that role, I drafted, redlined, and negotiated dozens of contracts and related documents and reviewed hundreds more. I also conducted extensive research on local, state, and federal compliance issues, drafted memoranda, represented the Assessor in appeals before the State Tax Commission, drafted department policies and procedures, represented different boards in their administrative and contested hearings, and drafted and reviewed proposed legislation.

Today, through Accelerate Law STL, I look forward to being the best transactional advocate I can be for your business. Whether you’re seeking a formation or dissolution, contract or copyright, I can’t wait to assist you in your endeavors.

Aside from my practice, I love spending time with my wife and dogs, watching Blues Hockey, St. Louis City SC Soccer, and Battlehawks Football, and coaching my high school mock trial team. Feel free to tell me how wrong I am that I don’t like baseball over a free thirty minute consultation!