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Materra Method

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Movement made for motherhood
Materra Method was created to help you connect to your body in a brand new way during pregnancy and postpartum. We offer a variety of class types all with a foundation of breath, core and pelvic floor connection.

Meet our founder, Abby Erker
After many years as a fitness professional, Abby saw patterns of miseducation and misunderstanding surrounding how pregnant and postpartum women were moving and relating to their bodies. She believed women deserved more than over generalized exercise guidelines and “bounce back after baby” fitness messaging.

Enter, Materra Method. Abby trained to be a Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercise Specialist and began to fuse her love for workouts like barre, Pilates and yoga with corrective exercises chosen for the pre and post natal woman.

Since it’s beginning, Materra Method has grown from a few private clients to a community of women standing beside and behind each other as we move through the challenges and joys of motherhood.