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Show your Love for the Loop and Art this Saturday!

Come see how the power of art has an impact on individuals and communities.There will be live art demonstrations and pieces available for sale from University City Loop art galleries.

Ben Angelly

Portrait artist Ben Angelly will be doing a portrait of Ruth Bader Ginsburg from 12-6pm on Leland Ave. Earlier this year, Angelly painted both George Floyd and Breonna Taylor near Which Wich Superior Sandwich Shop on Delmar.

Nina Schatzkamer Miller

Nina Schatzkamer Miller makes brightly colored kiln-fired glass art. Sheets of glass are cut, shaped and fired in her home studio kiln and made into many different objects. Most of it is functional art such as platters, bowls and plates; some is wearable, like jewelry and hair accessories; other pieces are purely decorative or whimsical.

Kim Phillips

Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Kim has worked in a variety of media through the years: graphite, pen-and-ink, charcoal, paper, mosaics and painting. Her papercut art has focused mainly on Judaica, with themes concentrated in Jewish texts from the Torah, Talmud, and midrash. Her work has been created for collectors and synagogues worldwide and has been exhibited in venues from Jerusalem to New Orleans, Knoxville, and Nashville.

Austin Miller

Austin Miller is an emerging ceramic artist with an emphasis on form over function; making pieces without excessive ornamentation. Pieces are wheel thrown, have carved features, and there’s a synergy and cooperation between the carving and the form. The aesthetic quality comes from the shape and proportion, as opposed to how it’s decorated. His study of the Chinese language has influenced his art and an Asian influence can often be seen in both form and finish.

Jasmine Raskas

Jasmine completed her BLA at The University of Missouri-Kansas City in 2016 while enrolled in a 6 year accelerated medical program. After being diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos during college, she began her healing journey through art, which included spending time at Artists First where she now works as arts facilitator. Since then, her paintings have been shown across the St. Louis and Kansas City regions, including several solo shows, a national print feature, and a mural at UMKC. In addition, Jasmine has been featured by Ladue News, Gesso Magazine, KDHX, and the St. Louis Post Dispatch. Aside from visual art, she also writes, teaches and works in all areas where creativity and wellness overlap. Most recently she’s established a life coaching practice, with an emphasis on creativity and wellness, sharing the power of imagination and self-expression as they relate to individual empowerment and freedom. In her free time she enjoys reading, spending time in nature, creating, researching strange things, and meeting new people.