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By Riverfront Times Staff |

We’re kicking off our Restaurant Guide. Here’s a look at one of the areas we’re covering. Stay tuned for the rest.

If you want authentic Asian cuisine, options abound in and around University City. Grab steamed barbecue pork buns or beef tripe at Lulu Seafood and Dim Sum or Chilispot’s delicious mapo tofu. You could watch the team at Corner 17 stretch out the dough for handmade noodles while sipping on a bubble tea, or you can grab the bulgogi beef quesadilla at Seoul Taco. In the mood for Vietnamese? Head just up the street from the Pageant and stop by Fork and Stix for the Hung Lay curry. There are other classics in U City as well (Salt & Smoke, Frank & Helen’s, Taco Buddha), so you’re sure to find something delicious no matter what you’re in the mood for.

Frank & Helen’s Pizzeria

You’ll find the same cheesy-baked pastas, the same char-grilled ribeyes with sides of fettuccine and, of course, the same broasted chicken — a special way of pressure-frying the bird that results in impossibly succulent meat and a crispy, non-greasy coating. But if there is one thing you must order at Frank & Helen’s, it’s the pizza, one of the best St. Louis-style thin-crust pies in town.

Beer and wine only. $-$$. Open Tuesday through Sunday for dinner.