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George Mahe | |

The long-awaited Bonito Bar officially opened its doors last weekend alongside Frida’s, which had been closed for renovations since last spring. Bonito Bar is located in a former alterations shop space between Frida’s and Diego’s Cantina along North and South Avenue, just north of Delmar in University City. Natasha Kwan and Rick Roloff, who also own the “flexitarian gastropub” Station No. 3 in Benton Park (which opened last spring), own all three businesses. Here’s what to know before you go.

At Frida’s, as patrons cross the threshold and catch a glimpse of Bonito Bar for the first time, many have a similar, stunned reaction. Gilded chandeliers hang above and inside the bar. The wall color is alluring, one of those magical shades that changes radically depending on the time of day, ranging from a deep Caribbean aqua-blue to black. (The exact shade: Sherwin-Williams Cascade.) The 10-seat bar is faced with a sea-colored mix of fish scale tiles. The smoky gray epoxy floor might is enhanced by the reflective tiles. Take it all in from the small grouping of upholstered chairs, surrounded by potted palms.

Bonito Bar is cradled between Frida’s and Diego’s Cantina along North and South Avenue.