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Ian Froeb | |

At Katsuya in the Delmar Loop, you will find the rare intersection of convenience, efficiency and elegance. The restaurant serves its signature dish, katsu, as a bento box. Surrounding your breaded, deep-fried main course will be separate smaller compartments: a couple of edamame pods, some potato salad and a slice of tamago, the springy Japanese-style omelet; cabbage kimchi and other pickled vegetables; a simple green salad with ginger dressing; a mound of white rice topped by two pieces of the restaurant’s vegetable sushi roll sluiced with spicy mayo.

The specifics might vary from dish to dish and visit to visit, but Katsuya’s bento box makes for a complete meal and then some, and at $13-$14.50, depending on which katsu you order, it should appeal to the Loop’s college students and other value-conscious diners.