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Mabel Suen | |

A new Delmar Loop eatery offers a casual izakaya-style experience featuring a variety of Japanese-inspired fare. G-San Kitchen debuted in March, offering drinks alongside skewered meat, seafood and veggies from the grill, as well as appetizers, rice platters and ramen.

University City has seen an influx of new Japanese eateries lately, from the re-opening of Nobu’s – which features traditional omakase-style sushi from renowned chef Nobu Kidera – to the debut of Katsuya, an eatery that offers a fresh take on the classic bento box. G-San Kitchen hopes to offer something a bit different to the neighborhood.

According to chef-owner Gavin Gao, for whom the concept is named, an izakaya is a type of casual Japanese bar that serves drinks and snacks. St. Louisans might already be familiar with izakaya fare thanks to Izumi, a Japanese pop-up concept that launched in 2020 that offers items including yakitori, or Japanese skewered chicken. As a lifelong food lover who grew up in a family of cooks, Gao was immediately drawn to the casual camaraderie surrounding the izakaya experience.

G-San Kitchen