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University City is excited to Welcome the Raising Cane's family to their new business location at 8610 Olive Boulevard University City, MO 63132 on Tuesday, October 3, 2023.

Meet the Newest Restaurant Leader in Town

Name: Andrew Donahue

How long have you been with Cane’s?
I just passed my 6 year Caneaversary

What are you most excited for coming to U-City?
Excitement is everywhere in U-City – from the community groups and parks to the schools and music/entertainment, U-City has so much to offer! Additionally, being in such a centralized location, “Being 15 minutes from anywhere” means we can partner with so many wonderful organizations and provide quality chicken finger meals to the area residents and businesses!

What is your favorite part of working for Cane’s?
Mentorship, my role is to lead our Crew to be successful. Success is not measured in how many meals we sell, but in how many people we can impact on a daily basis.

What is your go-to Cane’s order?
I love the sandwich, the way the bun absorbs the Cane sauce you get that flavor in every bite!

Fun Fact About You!
Growing up teaching was always what I planned to do. I started in restaurants to pay for school, but quickly realized that a leader sets an example, teaches others, and holds them to that standard.  From the 16-year-old that has never worked before to the most experienced Crewmember, I get the luxury of seeing them develop and take pride in knowing they trusted me with that role!

Andrew Donahue

8610 Olive Boulevard University City, MO 63132