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Phillies Cheesesteaks & More recently opened at 6800 Olive, in a small shopping plaza in University City that’s less than a two-minute drive from the Delmar Loop. Those expecting a traditional “steak wit” Philly-style cheesesteak may be surprised by the construction of Phillies’ sandwiches, though all of the classic elements and flavors are present.

Owner Mel Harlston serves up six variations, available as half or whole sandwiches. Three chicken options include a classic chicken Philly, a Buffalo chicken Philly, and a version with teriyaki chicken. Two beef varieties include classic steak and an A1 Philly bathed in steak sauce. Finally, the vegetarian Philly is loaded with sautéed mushrooms and an avocado spread.

Phillies Staff

Phillies’ staffers (L to R): Jon, Baltimore, Sean, Krissi