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Susan Curtis' boutique will also sell fragrances, cosmetics and collectibles

By Paula Tredway // April 29, 2024 |

On the corner of Delmar Boulevard and Old Bonhomme Road sits University City’s newest boutique, Briefly Beautiful (8149 Delmar Boulevard). It’s full of bright colors and vintage pieces — think Carrie Bradshaw’s closet.

Owner Susan Curtis wanted to create a place where people would come in and say “I remember this.”

“I kind of wanted a store that was more like a memory store,” she says. “Either memories you’ve had or memories to me.”

Over the last few years, Curtis’ house burned down, she lost her job and broke her ankle. The house fire cost her basically all of her favorite items including clothing from her late mother. It was especially hard for someone who describes herself as “really sentimental.”

“I knew I needed a new start, and it was like, What about a store where people would be like, ‘Oh my god, I used to have that,’ or ‘I remember that,’ or ‘This reminds me of this.’ I was just like, ‘Maybe there’s other people who want stuff that they lost too.’ So I was just trying to find different brands, items and clothes and try to make a nice cohesive experience.”

The eclectic vintage boutique offers guests a welcoming shopping experience with color walls, seating, candy and plenty of fun finds to enjoy.

8149 Delmar Blvd., University City, MO