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Crescent Plumbing Supply's new building spans 76,000 square feet.

BY AMY BURGER // JUNE 3, 2024 |

After 69 years, Crescent Plumbing Supply has relocated to a newly built showroom, office, and warehouse in University City (6614 Olive). Since 1955, the company had operated out of a historic building on Rosedale behind The Pageant. That building was originally intended as a bus or trolley garage for the City of St. Louis, says CEO Joe Rotskoff.

Joe’s great-grandfather, Ike Rotskoff, a Polish immigrant, founded the family business in 1905 and named it I. Rotskoff Supply Co. It operated in several iterations and locations before landing on Rosedale.

“There’s some cool history behind the building, but it was very limited in its capacity and functionality for a warehouse space, which we really needed, and it would have been difficult and expensive to rehab the building, so moving was always something that we’ve had our eyes on for the last couple of decades,” Rotskoff says.

Joe Rotskoff and Steve Rotskoff