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Ian Froeb | Oct 15, 2020

Maybe someday St. Louis will be a bagel town. Not necessarily a great bagel town like New York or Montreal — I’m not delusional — but a better bagel town than it is now.

(Wipe away that towering schmear of cream cheese and stare into your bagel-loving heart: You know I’m right.)

Jamil Jabbar tried. He went to New York to learn the techniques of bagel-making. He returned to St. Louis and tried to sell his bagels in the minimart of his brother’s gas station.

One problem: Nobody wanted bagels. Eventually, Jabbar says, “I was just giving them out for free.”

St. Louis isn’t a bagel town. It’s a doughnut town. It’s the best doughnut town.

“Even in gas stations and (places) like that, wherever I go, I see people always reaching for a doughnut,” Jabbar says.

Boogyz Donuts

A selection of doughnuts from Boogyz Donuts in University City
Photo by Ian Froeb, Post-Dispatch