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The local institutions many regulars might be surprised to hear that owner Satish Kumar never wanted to open a restaurant. Both his father and grandfather ran restaurants in India, but when Kumar left everything and moved alone to the U.S. at age 24, he wanted something different. His positive outlook has seen him through countless changed plans, running a restaurant for a quarter century and now is seeing him and House of India through the coronavirus pandemic.

“We celebrated 25 years in business this December. It was a big achievement – not too many restaurants make 25 years, you know. For me, all 25 years, it’s all meant to be. You don’t know where you’re going – we never wanted to come to St. Louis, and then it happened. Never thought of staying 25 years, but every day is a blessing. … I never wanted to open the restaurant, but I just love it now. I like it – what life has given me. I have no regrets.”

Sauce Fave - House of India

Satish Kumar of House of India